In the pioneering stage of Jigsaw Puzzle, color-image was developed as the leading concept

Tangerine is a color of vividness and bountifulness, which cheers us up from the deep blue, and brings us back warmth and hope. Therefore, we played a pun on the pronunciation of “ji-”, which in Chinese mates with “桔” (jú), tangerine, and also “聚” (jú), congregating. This was the delivery of “桔聚” and “Jigsaw Puzzle”.


During the preparation, our team went on a trip to Yunnan in China to release the stress, and fortunately it happened to be where the idea of our company image came from – we met Miao Embroidery. The love conveyed in Miao Embroidery deeply inspired us. We adore the one with sections of tangerine on it, while leaving enough space to be filled in by the generations to come. Here came another pun on “jú” in the old days to call upon luck and fortune for the families. In this way they have passed on their blessings to the children by embroidering the sections of tangerine, meanwhile indicating the infinite possibilities are just there for you to fulfill. To us, this is like a customized love story which never ends. And this is the spirit which made our logo complete.

The Spirit of Puzzle: Multi-Aspect

At the first stage of a project, the aim of our facility is to analyze and organize the given information, and thus to make decisions among various elements and then coordinate the entire visual design to highlight each aspect by analytic approach and the connections among each aspect by creative programming. Thus we can make precise decisions during the process. During the practical stage, our goal is to manifest the most vivid picture by applying every possible method with the given elements. And as to our service attitude, we are passionate to perform our creativity to the fullest with given time and needs.